Service Prices

Residential DSL(1)
(effective 4/1/09)
Dynamic - California (not including Monterey/Salinas)
Monterey and Salinas residents add $2.00
Advantage 768   $19.95/month (2)
Advantage 1.5   $24.95/month
Advantage 3.0   $29.95/month
Advantage 6.0   $38.95/month
(Residential DSL  includes 5 - 10Mb email boxes)

**** Total price for DSL. No add-on fees or taxes! ****

(effective 3/1/09)
Standard DSL modem for single computer - $49.95 plus S&H ($9.95)
Wireless DSL modem for 4 computers and wireless access - $79.95 plus S&H ($9.95)

(1) Prices effective 4/1/09 for new DSL customers only.
     No contract and month-to-month pricing.
(2) Advantage 768 pricing is restricted to new DSL customers not being
     serviced by another ISP or AT&T.
     AT&T ASI charges us $11 to make the transfer from another service.
     Castles will assess an $11 fee on Advantage 768 only.

Wireless - Castles Ultraband

For Wireless Pricing - Please Click Here

Equipment provided at no cost. Ownership maintained by Castles.
Standard wireless router provided. Warranty by manufacturer.

Email (effective 3/16/09)
Standard - 10Mb email  - Rich Web Mail & Spam Shield Lite included

Dial-up, DSL, Wireless and Hosting Customers
Upgraded email boxes include Rich Web Mail and Spam Shield Pro (SSP) - Anti Spam/AntiVirus
Plus Storage (online storage to upload and share any file type including documents,
photos or videos directly from your email account.)

$2.00/Month - 100 Mb box /SSP/10Mb
File Storage
$3.00/Month - 500 Mb box /SSP/10Mb File Storage
$5.00/Month - 1 Gb box /SSP/5 Gb File Storage
$6.00/Month - 2 Gb box /SSP/5 Gb File Storage
$8.00/Month - 4 Gb box /SSP/5 Gb File Storage
$10.00/Month - 10 Gb box /SSP/5 Gb File Storage

Email Only Clients
Standard - $5.00/Month - 500 Mb box /SSP/10Mb File Storage
For multiple email boxes - use standard pricing and add $2.00 to the first box.

Domain Registration - $25/year

Web Hosting

Pawn - 25Mb/5 email boxes - $19.95/month
Rook - 50Mb/5 email boxes
- $24.95/month
Knight - 100Mb/5 email boxes - $32.95/month
Bishop - 250Mb/10 email boxes - $43.95/month
Queen - 350Mb/10 email boxes - $52.95/month
King - 500Mb/10 email boxes - $99.95/month

Hosting email boxes are 100Mb with 10Mb online storage

All web hosting packages include our Award Winning Castles Site Building Software

Web Design
Nickel - 1 page - $95.00
Bronze - Up to 10 pages - $399.00
Silver - Up to 20 pages - $450.00
- Up to 30 pages - $750.00
Platinum - Up to 40 pages - $1,000.00

Prices subject to change without notice.
While we endeavor to keep this page current - confirmation of prices is required.


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