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DSL for Residential and Business

arrowforward_3 Beware of those low priced offers!
They don't tell you about the added on fees and taxes!
There are none at Castles. What you see is what you pay!

The Castles DSL Advantage - Starting at $19.95/month
All Castles DSL California Services are Month-to-Month
No Contract - No Early Termination Fees

Fast fast fast
With a regular modem, your best possible connection speed is 56 kbps.
Your DSL connection will give you download speeds ranging from 384 kbps up to 6 Mbps!

Always on, easy to use
Your DSL connection uses your phone line to connect your computer, without interfering with your telephone use.
You can hold a conversation or send a fax, and still be connected to the Internet. And the connection is always on-- no more dialing up, no more waiting.

More Power, New Possibilities
The speed and power of a DSL connection opens up a whole new world of possibilities for Internet use.

Residential DSL Plans - California
(Monterey/Salinas - add $2.00)
All residential DSL plans include Dynamic IP address, 5 email accounts and 24x7 Support
PlanRegular Price (1)Speed
Advantage 768 $19.95 (2)Download Speed: Up to 768kbps
Upload Speed: Up to 384kbps
Advantage 1.5 $24.95Download Speed: Up to 1.5mbps
Upload Speed: Up to 384kbps
Advantage 3.0$29.95Download Speed: Up to 3.0mbps
Upload Speed: Up to 512kbps
Advantage 6.0 $38.95Download Speed: Up to 6.0mbps
Upload Speed: Up to 768kbps

    Castles purchases local circuits from AT&T and local dial tone must be provided on your line by AT&T. Prices are for self install packages. Professional installation is available for an additional charge. Prices do not include any sales and/or use taxes that may be applied by local, regional or federal agencies - including Federal Universal Service Fund (FUSF) charge.

    (1) Price is based upon month-to month service and no contract.
    Prices available to new customers only.

    (2) Advantage 768 pricing is restricted to new DSL customers not being
    serviced by another ISP or AT&T.
    AT&T ASI charges us $11 to make the transfer from another service.
    Castles will assess an $11 fee on Advantage 768 only.

    DSL Modems (1)

    Motorola Netopia 2210 ADSL External Modem

    The 2210 ADSL2+ is a single-port gateway, perfect for the single-PC residential user who needs simple connectivity.

    Price: $49.95 S&H: $9.95 *

    The ADSL Modem is shipped with a phone cord, ethernet cord (Cat5), 3 line filters, and instruction

    Motorola Netopia 2247 ADSL WiFi Wireless Router

    Motorola2247The Motorola Netopia 2247-62 ADSL2+ Wi-Fi gateway combines an ADSL2+ modem, four-port. Ethernet switch, and 802.11b/g Wi-Fi radio for residential users to connect anywhere in the home. The 2247-62 features 3-D Reach express 802.11 g/b Wi-Fi technology with a 200mW radio and diversity antennas providing superior Wi-Fi reach and coverage.

    Price: $99.95 S&H: $9.95 *

    The ADSL Wireless Router is shipped with a splitter, phone cord, ethernet cord (Cat5), 3 line filters, and instructions.

    * Modems are shipped from a central warehouse to a location (within California) of your choice.

    (1) Important - modems have been tested to work with our circuits and services. If you are swicthing from another DSL provider and wish to use your existing modem, Castles cannot guarantee the modem's software is compatible with our DSL switching equipment. Existing modems normally work without any problems. Ocassionally, because of incompatibility, a new modem will need to be purchased.

    Wireless Networks

    Many people confuse wireless network with wireless Internet.

    Wireless Internet
    exists when you get your Internet via an Access Point (AP) to an antenna located on your home or business. Castles provides wireless UltraBand service.

    A wireless network is configured from the modem or router once Internet access is established. If you are setting up a wireless network with Castles DSL, you will connect a wieless router or access point to the DSL modem. The easier way to create a wireless network is to use the
    X6 ADSL WiFi Modem.

    For details on setting up a wireless network visit Microsoft® - 4 steps to set up your home wireless network

    Promotional Terms

    All Castles accounts are subject to the Castles AUP. Use of Castles service indicates acceptance of these terms. By ordering Castles Advantage DSL service, you also agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions:

    This service is only available on lines with AT&T residential phone service.
    Castles will verify your AT&T phone service type after the installation. Customers found to have SBC business phone service will be charged business DSL rates. Applicable fees will be charged to this account in the event of early termination. After the one-year term, pricing reverts to the then current price. Any applicable taxes, telecommunications surcharges or other governmental charges are the customer's sole responsibility. A Federal Universal Service Recovery Fee will be applied to all new circuits. Customer must maintain AT&T telephone service in continuous working order in order to maintain DSL circuit. Any action taken by the customer resulting in telephone service being disconnected or moved will result in loss of DSL service. Customer remains bound by the one-year term in all such cases, and early termination fees still apply. Introductory pricing applies only to this service level. Any change to service level or any service disconnection or move voids the introductory rate and pricing immediately reverts to normal. Any collections actions taken on delinquent accounts will appear on customer's credit rating. You must be over 18 years of age to order DSL service.

    Equipment provided by
    Castles for Starter DSL circuits has a one-time cost for the ADSL modem. Your computer must be equipped with a PCI ethernet card (NIC). If, for reasons beyond the control of the customer, Castles is unable to provide a DSL circuit, we will accept returned equipment in new condition. Castles will replace any faulty equipment within one year.

    Actual data transfer rates may vary as measured between NIC at customer's location and the DSL-equipped Central Office or Remote Terminal, dependant upon several factors including line quality and loop length. Minimum service speeds are subject to 10%-20% protocol overhead. Actual transfer rates above 80% of the listed minimum transfer rate will be considered acceptable. Castles makes no guarantees regarding the availability of DSL until service is established.

    Castles will not be responsible for outages when customer fails to notify Castles. Customer must be available for troubleshooting and connection setup. Customer has sole responsibility for any local network infrastructure at the installation premises.

    Circuit will be assigned a single IP dynamically via DHCP. No special software is typically required.


    C:castles logo

    PO Box 2368
    Vacaville, CA  95696-2368

    (707) 455-3401
    24 Hour Toll-Free Technical Support  (877) 205-5246

    By using any services of Castles Information Network,
    You fully agree to Our Terms of Service, User Agreements, Billing Policies
    and any changes that may be published from time to time.


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