What is SCRA?

The Solano County Reading Association (SCRA) is a non-profit professional organization comprised of educators,  others interested or involved in all aspects of reading and language arts in kindergarten through high school. SCRA, an affiliate of the California Reading Association (CRA) and the International Reading Association (IRA), serves Solano County’s public and private schools.
  • To promote literacy for all and the pursuit of life-long reading;
  • To provide a local network of teachers, administrators, librarians, and parents associated with issues of reading and language arts;
  • To promote timely materials and information on current reading and language arts research, trends, and instructional approaches;
  • To recognize and honor outstanding educators and others for significant contributions to reading and language arts.
  • To encourage and honor students and educators   to write and honor their accomplishments.
  • To provide literacy and writing information and practices for parents to use at home with their children.

Join SCRA TODAY and become a part of a local network of teachers, administrators and interested individuals promoting literacy opportunities within Solano County.

Click here to learn more about SCRA.

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