*    Take responsibility for your child's online computer use.
*    Get to know the services your child uses.
*    If you don't know how to log on, get your child to show you.
*    Get to know your child's "online" friends just as you get to know all of their other friends.
*    Talk to your child about the Kids' Net Safety Rules or click on a site about Internet safety.

Kids' Net Safety Rules. It's OK...

…to surf the Net but remember there are bad things on the Net, too. You will know the bad stuff when you see it or read it and feel uncomfortable. If you find it, leave the site.

…to talk or chat with people on the Net but remember that they are still strangers and could hurt you. Net friends are fun, but don't give them your home address, phone number or tell them where you go to school. Don't tell them about your family. Don't arrange to meet someone you met on the Net.

…to look for fun stuff on the Net but there are places on the Net which are for adults only. If you find yourself in an "adults only" place, or anywhere you think you shouldn't be, leave this site.

…to look at stuff that's for sale on the Net but don't order anything, as these need your name, address and credit card number. Remember any offer that is "too good to be true" probably is.

Sites on Internet Safety

Disney Online Cybernetiquette Comix
Disney's offers internet safety suggestions and help through stories and cartoons.

Elmer the Safety Elephant
Visit Elmer the Safety Elephant on the Canada Safety Council's Site and learn about Internet and street safety. There are other safety links for parents to visit.

Kids' Rules for Online Safety
Rules written with children in mind.

Netsmartz Workshop
The NetSmartz Workshop is an educational resource for parents, teachers and children of all ages. The site provides tips and activities about staying safe on the Internet and includes an excellent page for teens.

WebAware is a portal for libraries to information, tips, materials and a toolkit for promoting Internet literacy and Media Awareness Network's Web Awareness Canada program to parents and others in their communities.

What can I do to be netsafe?
Internet Safety rules and suggestions that let the kids reach their own conclusions about internet safety.

Yahooligans! Parents' Guide to Safe Surfing
This site provides you with the information you need to make informed decisions about your family's Web use.

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