DSL For Residential

arrowforward_3  Beware of those low priced offers!
              They don't tell you about the added on fees and taxes!
                        There are none at Castles. What you see is what you pay!

No Contract - No Early Termination Fees
Fast Fast Fast
With a regular modem, your best possible connection speed is 56 kbps.
Your DSL connection will give you download speeds ranging from 384 kbps up to 6 Mbps!

Always on, easy to use
Your DSL connection uses your phone line to connect your computer, without interfering with your telephone use. You can hold a conversation or send a fax, and still be connected to the Internet. And the connection is always on-- no more dialing up, no more waiting.

More Power, New Possibilities
The speed and power of a DSL connection opens up a whole new world of possibilities for Internet use.

Contact us for a pre-qualification. DSL availability is growing all the time.

Residential DSL Plans - California
All residential DSL plans include Dynamic IP address, 5 email accounts and 24x7 Support

See Castles Pricing Page for DSL Plans.

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Wireless Networks - WIFI

Many people confuse wireless network with wireless Internet.
  • Wireless Internet exists when you get your Internet via an Access Point (AP) to an antenna located on your home or business. Castles provides wireless UltraBand service.
  • A wireless network is configured from the modem or router once Internet access is established. If you are setting up a wireless network with Castles DSL, you will connect a wireless router or access point to the DSL modem. The easier way to create a wireless network is to use our preprogrammed DSL router.