Wireless Internet Access and Web Design. Serving Solano and Yolo Counties.-Castles Information Network

Wireless Network Slowness - Due to an unprecedented situation we find ourselves in, the Castles wireless network is saturated - which may result in slow speeds. Our engineering team is working to adjust both our backhaul units and tower Access Points to create additional bandwidth. We appreciate your patience.

The more devices connected to your local network the slower your speed may be. Check all devices for automatic downloads such as software updates. If possible, hold off updates until late in the evening or set it to do automatically in the middle of the night. If you're working from home and others at your location are playing online games, streaming videos or visiting high graphic websites, you may find you have limited Internet or very slow internet. Reducing the number of devices connected to your router or WiFi network should relieve come of the congestion.

New Customers and Upgrades - At this time we are not accepting any new customers or performing any individual customer upgrades. For existing customers - you may request a service speed upgrade to be completed when things have returned to normal. Please complete the Upgrade Request Form

Webmail 5 Minute Error

When this message occurs it means connection to the webmail became unstable.
There are many reasons this could happen, most likely is due to a corrupt browser cookie.

Next steps:

In order to resolve this ask the user to follow these steps:

    1. log out of the webmail (physically click the logout button, not just close the browser)
    2. clear their Temporary Internet Files/cache
    3. clear their internet browser cookies < This is very important
   4. close the web browser

Wireless Internet Access
10Mb Sustained and Up to 25Mb Burst !
Castles is upgrading our wireless network to offer higher sustained bandwidth plans. Sustained download plans start at 2.0 Mbs and go up to 10 Mbs. Customers must have the new AC equipment to get higher than 4 Mbs sustained. Most legacy customers will be able to upgrade for a small one-time fee.
Wireless Plans

Web Design Services
Specializing in Small Business - Personalized and Affordable
Web Design Packages Starting at $499
  • Affordable Small Business Web Sites
  • Manage the site on your own or have Castles make changes
  • Web hosting includes cPanel
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Included
  • Links to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn Included
  • Domain email included
  • Parked Domains
  • Online Design Center
  • No long-term contracts

24 Hour Toll-Free Technical Support (877) 205-5246