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Castles Point-to-Point Wireless Service
No Phone Lines!   No Satellites!
No Data Limit - Burstable Bandwidth on most plans
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Castles Introduces New Wireless Plans
Castles is in the process of upgrading the entire Point-to-Point Wireless Network System. These upgrades allow us to offer higher bandwidth packages. Not all speeds are available in all areas at this time.

Service plans marked (AC) require Ubiquity AC equipment at both the tower Access Point (AP) and customer site. Current customers with non AC Ubiquity Equipment would have to upgrade.
For Specific Plan Pricing See Prices Page

Unlimited Use
24 x 7 Live Technical Support
No Contracts

Castles wireless is point-to-point which means that to have service we must have clear line-of-sight from your location to one of the towers. We have 4 primary towers and a number of repeater/relay stations to service your location.
Solano, Yolo and Napa Counties
We broadcast 360 degrees from the top of Mt. Vaca, the tallest hill west and behind the Vacaville Prison and Berryessa Peak. We also have relays in Solano County.
What We Provide - And Don't
Castles installs a radio unit (small dish with a two way transmission radio) at your location. This is typically installed on the eave of the house. From there we run an exterior grade Ethernet (Cat5) cable (100 feet included with the standard install) from the radio to a power injector inside the house or business. The power injector plugs into a standard wall outlet and has 2 ports - POE (Power Over Ethernet) and LAN (Local Area Network). The exterior cable connects to the POE port - powering the radio and bringing Internet to the power injector.

The customer can connect directly to the LAN port with an Ethernet Cable (provided) and have Internet on a single computer with no router or modem required. Should the customer want to connect multiple computers with cables or have WIFI, they can purchase a wireless router online or at any retailer that carries them. Plug the provided Ethernet cable into the Internet port of the router and follow the manufacturers directions for setup.

Castles responsibility stops at the power injector. If the customer can connect and has Internet access by plugging into the LAN port of the power injector, then we know the system is working and the cause of an issue most likely is with either the router or some other device - or there could be local interference with the WIFI signal at that location. Should the customer have an Internet issue with no service, our technician will verify the radio is up and responding. If there is no system outage, the technician walks the customer through a series of steps to help identify the problem. One step is to turn off any router the customer has, move the Ethernet cable from the router to a computer and restart. If the customer has Internet at that point, the customer is online and has access. The customer is instructed at that point to check the router troubleshooting guide (often provided online) or contact the router manufacturer. Unfortunately, due to the number of routers available and untold configuration options, Castles does not provide router support.
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